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5 actions that say he loves you

Saying that he loves you can be the toughest thing he has ever done. The best way to know that he is crushing on you is by studying his characteristics when he is with you. You don’t have to be surprised when he finally tells you that he has been crushing on you. Here are some of the actions that will make you realize that he is in love with you.

A lot of passion in his kisses

There is a difference between a lustful kiss and a loving one. If he can’t get enough of your lips without leading to sex then he loves you and not after the goodies in you. The way he kisses you passionately is really something that you should use to evaluate him. The depth at which he kisses you also matters. When he kisses so deep and for long then you mean more than just a crush to him.

Including you in his future plans

When a man invites you into his life and talks of a future with you, then he really is into you. This shows that he wants to have this bond taken to another level. He can invite you to his friend’s wedding and after that tell you that he wishes that this could be you two together sometime in the future. These words show that he has hopes that some time in the future you will be getting married.

His friends love you

If his friends become welcoming to you and house you in the friendship it then means that they have noticed how happy you make him. Maybe he has also been telling them the good things about you which make you accommodating to them. Also when he introduces you to the group members or his gangs it is an indication that you are occupying a large part of his life and he would love to keep you close.

When he listens

A guy can show you how much your words mean to him when he shows interest in when you are speaking. They don’t have to tell you that your words mean a lot them but they can simply prove to you. They can even lean forward or even nod when you are having a conversation. By paying attention, he shows that he respects and loves you. Unlike those who will just assume you when you are having a discussion and doesn’t show interest in your words.

When he holds you for long

The way he holds your hand shows how much you mean to him. It contains all the intimacy in the world though it may seem as a small gesture. Always having his arms around you is a way to prove that he doesn’t want to let go. He can be holding your hand or even having his arm around your shoulder this is a clear indication that he is happy in your company.

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