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5 ways to amp up your texting game.

Why texting when there is a chance that you can call? Everybody has is own reasons that drive them to sending text messages. In as much as you can you enjoy texting, here is a way that can make this texting can be more enjoyable.

Emojis, images and GIFs

Emojis are very good when sending romantic messages. They easily portray our thoughts and feeling. It is said that one single emoji has proven to save many falling relationships. GIFs also work similar as emojis. They are simply an alternative to express ourselves in a more comfortable way when words fail us.


Depending on the occasion and relationship with the person at the other end you can choose the length of your text message. However, you should avoid lengthy text messages on your first chats. This can limit the party to making phone calls in order to have you speak everything out rather than texting the lengthy messages. You should have time to study the people you are exchanging text messages with in order to know what they really prefer. This will make you be able to know the length of words that they prefer.


The tone at which you send your text messages should meet the situation or the context you are talking about. Your tone can be analyzed by the abbreviations that you use in texting. If you use vibrations like lol, wtf or even omg then it is easy to say that whatever you are talking about is not that official. Similarly if you don’t abbreviate your chats then it means that the context of discussion is very official.

Time spent on replying to the message

You can improve your texting game by simply replying your message very fast. Many people hate it when they have to wait for long for their messages to be replied. The speed of typing and replying the message gives the receiver of the message on the other end a reason to reply to your text and even keeps the conversation going. Therefore time spent in replying a message makes even the conversation on going and even more interesting.

Know your chatting partner

You should know your chatting partner by knowing what they like and what they don’t like. Through this you can improve the chatting game by involving your chatting partner in the directions that they enjoy most. You can even know the topics that they like most. There are people who will keep it professional while others will enjoy it when you talk about yourself and even others will enjoy it when you sex chat.

Get to know topics that are of interest to your chatting partner

If you want to involve your chatting partner more into the chat, you can always have the topics like their dating life or even engage them in topics of your childhood memories. This can have you pass a lot of time getting to know each other unknowingly.

Being attentive

By being attentive to what and responding to what they are saying. You should have in mind that you are not writing about how the last response was not cool or writing to yourself. You have to be attentive to what your chatting partner is saying and respond effectively to it. For instance you cannot reply with emojis of laugh or say ‘that’s cool’ when they tell you that they lost a relative or a friend. This will only prove to them that you are not paying attention to what they say.

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