Dating Hints and Rules

How to get asked on a date

Tired of waiting for him to make the move and ask you out? If seducing isn’t your thing but you want to make him realize that you are crushing on him? Worry no more, here are some tips on how to make him give in and finally ask you out. After all it took him a lot of effort to approach you.

a) Always use the eyes

This is always the weakness of most men. You can maintain eye contact whenever you meet and ensure that you flash them in a seducing way that will have him going down on his knees. Locking eyes will definitely tell him to come over for a conversation.

b) Avoid the crowd

Most ladies walk in packs. This may deny you the chance that he is ever going to say it to you. Being with other girls every time is a possibility that he is never going to approach you. Men cannot just ask you out with other girls around.

c) Expose your beautiful features to him

If you feel like you’ve got a sexy ass then make him notice it. Men are visual creatures once you make him notice it, they will definitely approach you.

d) Make a smile for him

A smile shows that you are friendly and you like what you see. A smile is the best way to show that you are positive. It will always be the smile that will make him want to see you over and over. So always use a smile when your eyes meet.

e) Use friends to tease him

The next time you are in a conversation with him, have a friend to come and interrupt the conversation and tease him to say that he likes you. If the guy is really into you, he will use this opportunity to ask you out.

f) Make him aware of your schedule

Letting him know of your schedule is a kick start into welcoming him into your life. By letting him know your routine, he will always have time for you. Sometimes you might end up bumbing on each other on a regular basis.

g) Invite him over for a hook up

Although it is nothing compared to proposal, it is a good way of making him like you. Let him come over whenever you have parties and give him room to invite his other friends. Convince him it will be fun.

h) Body language

Your body language will always tell him if you are inviting or not. When he sees you with arms crossed, he will never approach you. It is funny to know that the body language sells you out even without the other party’s consent. People do judge your body language even without knowing that they do.

i) Being yourself

This is always the crucial part of seducing him to take you out. Do not panic or overreact every time you see him. Just relax and be yourself. Overreacting will show that you are desperate. This might push him off.

j) Complementing him

Maybe just complementing him once in a while with compliments like ‘wish all guys were like you, you are sweet’ might trigger the urge to want to ask you out. If he was having the idea of taking you out then that will be make him more confident on asking you out with positive anticipations.

k) Make him feel that you are available

You can do this by making him see the difference on how you look at him from how you at other guys. When he probably thinks that you are committed to someone else, he will definitely not ask you out. Also when he notices that you are flirting with other guys to, he won’t bother asking you out.

l) Get your friend to call you both a couple

It will be a great move to have your friend to call you two a couple. By simply saying ‘you two make a great couple’ will have the idea sinking in him. This is even more effective when you are in a company of other friends with his friends included. No matter how embarrassing this seems, you will have triggered the idea in his mind.

m) Fake sickness

This will make him concerned about you. Imagine being in a conversation with him then asking telling him all of a sudden that you have stomach cramp. Yes he will be sympathetic with you and will ask if he there is anything he can do. That’s the opportunity; ask him to take you home. While there, change to your best pajamas that flashes out your curves.

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