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When a friend does not talk to you

There is loneliness, hurt breaking and confusion that are accompanied with a friend cutting you off especially when the friendship means the world to you. Perhaps you have no idea for your friend’s reactions, but you don’t want to assume your friend is to blame. Although you might want to restore the relationship as soon as possible, patience and endurance are keys in restoring the bond that existed before. Here are some ways that you can use to restore the bond that e1xisted between the two of you.

Communicate a different way

When you realize that the friend has cut of the bond that connected the two of you, you can change your ways of communicating to show concern and say you are sorry. You can express how concerned you are in the relationship by texting or e-mailing them. You might not be in a position to communicate in person since they might have just shut you from their life. Sending text messages and e-mails asking to know what could have been the root reason for making them shut you out and that you are sorry for any of the reasons will prove to them that you are valuing the friendship that you once had.

Has there been an underlying current of tension in your friendship?

This could be the best way to look for the reason your friend has kicked you out of their life. By finding time to check the possibilities for the end in communication in your friendship, you will find yourself analyzing many possible reasons for the action of your friend. You can then communicate to them by sending them e-mails and/or text messages asking if the possible reason(s) could have led to their behavior. This will make you have some idea of what could have led to that. You can also convince them that if they give you another chance that you will work to improve and avoid the past mistakes.

Find out if they’ve shut all their friends, or just you?

Just knowing about your friend’s other friendship can make you weigh their actions. You can know by this if their actions are personal to you or if it is just a general decision they have made to all his or her friends. If your friend’s decision of cutting you off is only on your friendship, then you will relize that thre is a problem in your relationship that could have led to the actions. However in other case when you notice that your friend has kicked all his friends from the friend zone, then it is evident that this decision was not personally about you.

Let your friend know you are open to a friendship down the line

After you have analyzed the possible reasons for you being shut out, this is the final stage to restoring your friendship. You can communicate with your friends and tell them how sorry you are for not making it up in the previous friendship but you are certain that you can make it up for them if given another chance. This is of the reasons are personal to you. On the other hand if you have noticed that the reason behind the actions is not personal to you and it has affected some of the other relationships that you friend was in, then you can ask him or her to share the reasons with you and tell them that the is room for the both of you to make it work if other relationships didn’t work for them.

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