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Why online dating isn’t working for many

You are probably spending most of your hours on your phone connecting to the other sexes but still it is not leading you somewhere you can find the best match for you. We all need a successful relationship with people who understand and have all the qualities that we are seeking. In short we all want a relationship that we are proud of. This article outlines the main possible reasons that could be denying you the chance to meet the woman of man of your dreams.

Your profile

In as much as you would like to be the one to have the date with your crush in the site, you should consider that you are in a pool of competitors who also might be eyeing on the same crush you are looking to meet. Your profile is the first thing that can make you survive this. If your profile is not as sexy as the others competitors then you might be fighting a losing battle. Remember that it doesn’t have to be that your profile picture has your image there just make it sexy.

Your chats

Statistics prove that human beings tend to love people the more they disclose themselves to them. With the online dating chats you can disclose more information about yourself that can make your crush be thinking of you. Statistics also show that when someone discloses information about themselves to you then it is evident that they are liking you. So when your crush also begins to disclose about themselves then they are beginning to like you and are trying to show that they trust you with their hearts. If your crush doesn’t show signs of disclosing themselves to you then maybe you are not making them to like you. You have to make it work when you have the chance to chat with your crush.

He or she is not what he or she says to be

Some people may be posting pictures of them having standing next to cars or even posting pictures of others in order to make their crushes pick on them over the competing number of suitors. If you are this type of person then it is bound not to happen since you will be making your crush to expect more from you which on the other hand is completely different from who you are. To make the relationship you are seeking via online chats you should make the person you are crushing for to love you for who you are and not who you want to be.

You are too expensive for your crush

If you are having more time trying to make your crush be the one to understand you, you are also giving your crush more reasons to avoid you. Your crush may be looking for a beautiful young lady and bumps on you. You seem to be the perfect choice he has ever spotted. And you also seem to like him a lot. Why be too demanding for him? Some men just don’t like to go lengths to meet the lady for their life. Just be yourself, you don’t want make him view you as a burden than just a spouse.

You are having a lot of suitors

If you are having a lot of suitors and you are happy with it, then you should consider that have a lot of them may lead to you making erroneous choices. Research as it that we tend to make bad decisions when under pressure of choosing from a large group of options.

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